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Financials and Governance

Governance Overview: FC Berna is organized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) company, originally incorporated in 1974 as Somerset Hills Soccer Club and later renamed in 2014 to FC Berna, Inc., following the merger between Somerset Hills Soccer Club and the Ridge Mavericks Soccer Club. The club is governed by its Bylaws, which were last amended in 2015. FC Berna is overseen by the Board of Trustees, which consists of 5 to 15 members, of which 4 are officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). The board meets monthly.

Financial Oversight: The books of FC Berna are managed by a professional bookkeeper. The accounts of the club are controlled by the Treasurer and by one other board member. Furthermore, the club's bookkeeper and auditor have the ability to see balances in the club's accounts. The monthly report to the board consists of an income statement, balance sheet, expenses, new vendors, and unusual items. 

Tax Filings & Registrations: FC Berna files annually Form 990 with the IRS and Form CRI-300R with NJ Charities. The filings are prepared by an independent certified CPA. As of August 2020, FC Berna was in "compliant" status with NJ Charities. The latest filings cover the calendar year 2019.

Financial Audit: Tabor & Company LLC is the auditor of FC Berna, and financial audits are conducted annually. The latest certified financial audit was conducted for 2019 and the audited financials were published in February 2020.

Program Pricing: Programs are prices such that the net income is approximately 0%-1% over the course of the year, with a slight margin to make sure that the club has a buffer to withstand unexpected items. When pricing programs, the club targets initially 2-5% net income from its programs combined. This additional buffer is need in order to deal with price increases and unexpected items. Programs are prices such that each program can at least pay for its directly attributable program expenses, however, it is to be noted that the overhead related to some programs needs to be subsidized by other programs.

Breakdown of Expenses: The club spends about 50% of expenses on coaching, 10% on Fields Rental, 10% on Tournaments, and 30% on everything else. About 90% of all expenses are directly attributable to the programs and 10% of expenses is related to club overhead. Detailed expense report is shown below.

Fiscal Prudence: In 2017, the club adopted the monitoring of the "wind-down" scenario to make sure that the club does not use registration fees for the next soccer year to pay for the expenses of the current soccer year. The scenario assumes that the club would not hold tryouts (hence not receiving registration fees for the next year) and instead winds down at the end of a soccer year (and still needs to pay expenses related to the current year). Based on the calculation from 2020, the wind-down scenario generated a positive surplus, indicating that the club has sufficient reserves to manage an orderly wind-down if needed.

FC Berna Tax ID #: (For tax filing purposes)
Federal: 22-2477867, NJ State: 22-2477867/000

Revenues for 2019 calendar year (all programs combined): 
94% Program Registrations Fees
4% Club's Tournaments (Futsal Festivals, Summer Kick-off, Fall Finale)
2% Other Income (Fundraising, Rebates, Interest, and Other)
100% Total Revenue

Expenses for 2019 calendar year (all programs combined): 

Program Expenses:
47% Team Coaches, Clinics
12% Rentals of Fields and Gyms
8% Tournament Fees
7% Program Administration
4% Referees
4% IT, Equipment and Uniforms for Programs
3% Credit Card Processing Fees
2% League Fees
2% Other Expenses
89% Total Program Expenses

Overhead Expenses:
7% Club Admin Staff (Bookkeeper, Club Coordinator, DOC)
3% Club Insurance, Club IT, Club Equipment, Leases
1% Accounting Fees - CPA, Office Admin Expenses, Other
11% Total Overhead

Last updated August 2020

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