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Refunds Policy

Requests for refunds should be sent to the appropriate program director/administrator. Refunds must be approved by both the program director/administrator and the FC Berna treasurer before they are processed. Refunds will be provided in the same manner as the original payment. If a credit card refund is not possible due to operational reasons, FC Berna will issue a check. Please allow up to 30 days to process requests for refunds.

In general, player registration fees are non-refundable. Refunds will be granted, fully or partially based on FC Berna’s determination, only for the following reasons:

  1. Program for which the player signed up is not launched;

  2. If a player is erroneously registered for the wrong program, a refund will be applied for the difference between the costs of the two programs;

  3. Player suffers injury that makes it difficult or not possible to continue to play;

  4. Player relocates such that it is difficult or not possible to continue to play;

  5. For programs that do not require tryouts, refunds will be applied if a player withdraws from the program before the program is launched;

  6. For programs that require tryouts, such as Legacy Premier, the registrations fees are not refundable except in the cases as shown above. Withdrawing from a program after the team is formed and after the tryouts are concluded affect FC Berna’s ability to replace players, as by accepting a spot on a team one effectively takes someone else’s spot. Furthermore, FC Berna commits to hire staff and incurs expenses based on certain roster size expectations, and when a player withdraws from a team after the teams are formed, FC Berna has limited ability to reduce those expenses.

  7. If the duration of a program is shortened or its scope reduced due to circumstances beyond FC Berna’s control, such as, without limitation: (a) war, or any act of war, declared or undeclared; (b) insurrection, rebellion, riot, civil commotion, or any governmental order; (c) any natural or man-made disaster; (d) destruction of the physical facilities; (e) pandemic, epidemic, disease, quarantine or governmental health alert; (f) any nuclear power station accident or emergency event; FC Berna will attempt to make up the lost time by offering alternatives depending on the circumstances. Since FC Berna incurs many of the expenses upfront, and commits to hire and pay staff (both employees and contractors) for the duration of the program, any refunds in these exceptional circumstances are likely to be small, and will be limited to expenses that FC Berna will be able to avoid due to program’s shorter duration or reduced scope. The refund in this scenario, if any, will be determined by FC Berna, and will be finalized by FC Berna within 30 days from the normally scheduled completion of the program.

Approved by the Board of Trustees of FC Berna on April 8, 2020.
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