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FC Berna Travel Team Selection

FC Berna Travel Team Selection Process

FC Berna Travel Team Selection for the Fall of 2020/Spring 2021 Soccer Seasons

This section is meant for all FC Berna members who are interested in becoming a part of the travel program for the Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 seasons. During the Spring of 2020 we will go through the process of selecting these teams, making sure that everyone interested is given the opportunity to be evaluated and placed into a FC Berna program.

Number 1 objective – Being placed in the right environment

Our travel program starts at U9, which means that anyone born in 2011 (or before) is eligible to try out. It is important to know that the number one objective each year, during the process of forming teams, is to make sure that players are assigned to play for a team that best fits their needs. Someone's needs may change, therefore is it important to assess and evaluate players each year.  Within FC Berna we are fortunate enough to be able to field several teams per age group across all our programs and we aim to field teams containing players of similar abilities.  Since we are capable of fielding multiple teams in an age group we aim to get all our players on a team of a similar skill level. 

Although it is not always easy as a parent, it is very important to be realistic and realize that playing on the "first" team is not the #1 priority. We would hate to see a player lose confidence in his or her skills because the player was misplaced on a team that didn’t fit his or her needs. The placement of players is the key to ensure players enjoy the experience and are given the opportunity to develop. 

We continue to monitor the development of all players in the travel program throughout the year. We aim to develop all of the players within the program and will move players from team to team if it will benefit the player or players in question. In the end, we ask that both players and parents worry less about being placed on a particular team and to focus on enjoying the privilege and reward of being placed on a travel team

This new team formation process is designed to accomplish the following:
1. Reduce player & family stress/anxiety as compared to traditional tryout events/methods.

2. Leverage existing FC Berna travel players overall season assessment, instead of single tryout event.
3. Maintain current travel team practice schedule and plans without distribution of "tryouts week".
4. Welcome new players to participate in more team like atmosphere.

FC Berna Travel Team Selection

When discussing the placement of players, we definitely value the talent of the players in our program. However, it is very important to understand that talent is not the only item considered, as we also consider a player’s attitude, effort, commitment, attendance, perseverance, coach ability and discipline. We all know that talent is important, but as in life, not the only factor that determines where we end up. We gather information from a variety of sources to ensure we have the data needed to place players on the right team for the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 seasons. As part of the process we will run programs in the Spring that will provide us with information on all interested players and help us with the team selection.

Overview of travel team selection process: (Existing FC Berna Travel & New Players) 

Existing FC Berna Travel Team Members:
1. Existing FC Berna travel team members are assessed by current trainer based on multiple factors outlined above.
2. Additional professional trainer(s) will provide assessment during normally scheduled practice sessions. 
3. Based on assessment - current FC Berna Travel team member is offered early roster position to FC Berna travel program.
4. Current FC Berna Travel team member makes early commitment to travel program for next soccer season.
5. Final travel team assignment completed before end of spring season.

New Players (not currently on FC Berna Travel roster)

1. New player registers to formally be assessed during one of the existing team practice sessions.
2. New player attends at least 2 practice sessions to have assessment completed by 2 professional trainers.
3. Based on assessment - new player is offered a roster position to appropriate FC Berna program.
4. New player makes commitment to FC Berna program for the next soccer season.
5. Final travel team assignment completed before end of spring season.

Travel Commitment – General Outline

We ask our travel players to commit to soccer three days a week (three 90-minute training sessions and one game) and their effort, attendance, and participation is critical to the success of the program and their development. 

Practices occur 2 times a week during the fall & spring season.  The specific team practice schedule is published as soon and the Bernards Township Parks & Recreational department gives us the field schedule.  
Generally speaking this is the FC Berna Travel Team practice schedule format:
Boys Travel Teams Practices:  Monday & Wednesday
Girls Travel Teams Practices:   Tuesday & Thursday
Practices typically occur for the younger teams first and then older teams practice.
Typically that means for example youngest teams (U9, U10, U11) practice from 4:30 - 6:00 PM.
Then older travel teams (U12, U13, U14) practice from 6:00 - 7:30 PM.
(Note these are these guidelines - specific travel team practice schedule will be published about 1 month prior to the start of the season.)

The Fall Season starts shortly after Labor Day weekend, with teams often starting their team practice sessions a week or 2 before their first game, and runs through November, typically finishing the weekend before Thanksgiving. There are typically no breaks in the fall season, such as during teacher's convention week.  So teams play a total of 10 games, 5 "home" & 5 "away" games, in 10 consecutive weeks. Of course weather permitting, but also in 2020's case it is very dependent on state regulations due to COVID-19.

The Spring Season starts early March and wraps up in early / mid June. During the spring season, due to grass field availability in addition to scheduled breaks in the schedule, the season runs a little longer. Teams play again in 10 games, 5 "home" & 5 "away" games but typically not in consecutive weeks.  There are usually 2 breaks in the spring schedule. One for Passover / Easter weekend & another during Memorial Day weekend. Due to the spring season starting in March and our grass fields not being available until typically in April, alternate turf field training is conducted in March. In addition some travel teams may need to reschedule their March "home" games to a later date in the spring season.

Note: While vast majority of games are played on Sunday anywhere from 9 AM - 6 PM.  Make-up games due to weather / field closures are typically played on Saturday or 2 games played on Sunday and on rare occasion on Friday evenings. 

While travel teams do not formally require participation in winter and/or summer training, those programs are available and encouraged. In the summer there are outdoor camps and in the winter there are indoor futsal program available for all FC Berna players.

It is important to remember that the team selection IS NOT solely based on the participation of our members in the programs. We gather information through mid year and end of Spring evaluations from professional and head coaches as part of the process.

Anyone who is interested to play travel during the 2020-2021 seasons needs to take part in the program they are eligible for based on their year of birth. Participation, however, doesn’t guarantee placement in the travel program.

FC Berna Travel Program Registration Process:
All Players Must Register for Fall 2020/Spring 2021 soccer seasons via this link:
FC Berna Travel Tryout Page

(Register for correct birth year & gender.)

Existing FC Berna Travel Players -- Player Evaluations / Early Roster Spots 
(Applies to all existing FC Berna Travel players from 2010 - 2006.)

All existing 20010 - 2006 FC Berna Travel team players participating in the spring season will be evaluated.  Existing players interested in playing next season must register for next season starting in April since no specific "tryout" window is needed since player evaluations are completed during existing practice sessions. As you can probably remember from last year, roster invitations will usually be sent out to existing FC Berna travel players that registered by early June for the following Fall 2020/Spring 2021 season. Existing FC Berna travel players are requested to "accept" or "reject" roster spots within 2 weeks -- prior to June 26. Otherwise available roster spots may be given to new players during open tryout sessions. This year is obviously very different with many restrictions on being outside due to COVID-19. We will be sending roster offers for existing players that registered for next season starting the week of June 15. 

New FC Berna Travel Players - Open Practice Evaluation Registration
New U-10 thru U-15 (Born 2011 - 2006) Players Register for Travel Tryout Sessions

Starting on June 29th  (Boys teams) and June 30th (Girls teams), we will start to formalize open practice evaluations for all new players interested in our travel program for players born from 2006 through 2011. New players will register for "tryouts" which coincide with existing FC Berna travel team practice schedule. In is strongly recommend that all new travel players attend at least 2 practice sessions during the months of late June and early July to ensure proper assessment is completed. Player families will be contacted directly after completing tryout registration with specific day & time to complete their tryout evaluation.

Incoming U9’s – Pre Travel Program
New U9 (Born 2011 or later) Players Register now by clicking the following link:
Travel: LINK TBD

Our travel program starts at U9. All FC Berna members born in 2012 are eligible to take part in the FC Berna Total Soccer program which runs from U6 thru high school age players.  This program also helps form our U9 / 2011 travel teams for the Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 seasons. To give all players the opportunity to be seen as often as possible and to fairly asses and evaluate them all. During the spring of 2020, we will leverage the Total Soccer program and Legacy Futures events to complete assessment of the new incoming U9/2012 players. For existing Total Soccer program and Legacy Futures members the assessment will be based on current and previous Total Soccer and Legacy Futures programs participation.  All U9/2012 Players must Pre-Register for Legacy or Travel Soccer prior to those tryout sessions.  At the conclusion, all players in the program, will be offered either new Legacy or new Travel team roster spot or asked to continue with Total Soccer program next season. 

U15’s,U16’s & U17’s (2003-2006) – Additional Information on Full Year & Spring Only Teams
All 2006 players who are interested in playing in the Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Travel seasons.
      Please register for the FC Berna Travel 2020/2021 - 2006 Birth year tryouts via the FC Berna Travel Tryout Page
All U15, U16 & U17 (2003-2006) players who are interested in joining the FC Berna Travel program for only Spring 2021 season. 
      Tryouts for the Spring 2021 season will be conducted in the November 2020 for Spring 2021 season. 
      Please visit back in October 2020 for complete Spring Only High School team tryout schedule.

FC Berna Travel Team Formation Time Frame Overview

Existing FC Berna Travel Team Members Time Frame:

Team Formation Process Steps - Overview


Register for FC Berna Travel Team Tryouts for 2020 - 2021 Season.

By June 22

Completion of Player Evaluations by Trainers & DOC

By July 4th

Early Roster Invites - sent out
(After Legacy team tryouts finished)

Starting late June

Player accepts roster sport / commits to next season.

Within 7 days of Email


New Players (not currently on FC Berna Travel roster) Time Frame:

Team Formation Process Steps - Overview


Register for FC Berna Travel Team Tryouts for 2019 - 2020 Season.

Now thru July 10

Attend 2 FC Berna Tryouts / Existing team practice sessions.

By July 16

Roster Invites - sent out

After June 26

Player accepts roster sport / commits to next season.

Within 7 days of Email

Note - All FC Berna Travel Team Rosters for Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Season Completed in Late July.
There are still a number of available roster spots.
Please register in August and attend a tryout a session in early September.
(See FC Berna Travel Tryout Registration Page for additional details and to register.)

Do you have any Questions?
After reading this page if you still have questions - then please try one of these paths to get answers to your questions.

1. Review the Travel FAQ Page via this link: Travel Tryout FAQ's
2. Submit a question to [email protected] email address.

Additional FC Berna Travel Program Overview & Cost:Travel Program Overview

All initial travel team selections were completed by end of July.

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